Blingster Battle - match blocks with same-colored diamonds Blingster Battle - get tips from the news flash desk Blingster Battle - see when incoming blocks are coming Blingster Battle - play against other battlers from across the world Blingster Battle - solve the puzzle within the allotted number of drops Blingster Battle - don't let you stack reach the top, or you loose


In Blingster Battle, bring down a tower of colored gems before time runs out in this addictive and fast-paced real-time multiplayer action/puzzle game! Clear stacks by dropping diamonds on same-colored blocks faster than your online opponent, or challenge yourself in one of 3 exciting single player modes.


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  • Play against other Blingster Battle users world-wide! The blocks you clear will end up on your opponent's stack. You can view your opponent's stack real-time in the lower-right part of your display. The first person with a screen full of blocks loses!
  • Online leaderboards, rankings, and weekly tournaments.
  • "Play and Wait" lets you play Solo modes while waiting for a Blingster Battle opponent to challenge you.
  • Very easy to learn, with simple controls, but provides a long-lasting challenge.

Tips and Tricks

  • Classic Mode: Beat each level by forming chains of like-colored blocks and then clearing them with the diamonds. 25 pre-designed levels of increasing difficulty.
  • Puzzle Mode: 25 special mind-bending levels. Clear each board in a limited number of drops, but one mistake and you have to start over!
  • Action Mode: See how many points you can rack up and what level you can reach before your stack hits the top of the screen!