Home Run Home Run Home Run Home Run Home Run Home Run


Swing for the fences and hit as many home runs as you can! Batting Cage, Home Run Derby, Distance Contest, and more!


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  • Home run derby. See how far you can hit the ball!
  • Batting cage. Try to time your swings and hit the target!
  • Unlock boosts and improvements to enhance your performance.
  • Unlock additional games.

Tips and Tricks

  • The pitcher will throw both strikes and balls so don't swing at everything.
  • In the Home Run Derby, any pitch that isn't a home run counts as an out.
  • If you skip to the next pitch, your hit distance is still calculated.
  • The more pitches you hit the better the pitcher will throw. Watch out for the fastball!
  • Unlock more games and power-ups in the Upgrades Menu. Spend your bonus points!
  • Earn bonus points faster with the many boosts and improvements you can buy in the Upgrades Menu.
  • The white box near the batter is the strike zone. If the pitch misses the strike zone it's a ball.