Jail Trail - catch all the escaped prisoners Jail Trail - don't get hit by cars Jail Trail - don't run into obstacles or you'll loose some prisoners Jail Trail - return the prisoners to the jail house once you've got them all Jail Trail - don't hit the cacti Jail Trail - don't jump into the water


You’re a tough, crafty cop with a bad attitude, and the bad guys will regret the day they crossed you when you foil their sinister jailbreak. You & your deputy must catch the menacing cons – and fast! Grab power-ups, avoid treacherous terrain, and dodge speeding cars while you hunt prisoners around the globe. Chase felons through deadly forests, rocky deserts, busy streets, island hideouts, & more. Cuff ‘em & return the trail of bad guys to prison to advance to the next of 28 challenging levels.



  • Unique, challenging action game designed especially for cell phones
  • Loosely based on the extremely popular "Snake" game, but with high-quality graphics and animation, moving targets, power-ups, and a variety of levels
  • Simple controls are easy to learn, but provide a long lasting challenge for hours
  • 28 original levels, carefully designed so each level is more challenging than the last
  • Levels include training grounds, forest mazes, rocky deserts, grassy suburbs, interstates with heavy traffic, island scenes, and mountain terrain
  • Includes many power-ups such as "Freeze All", "Invincibility", and "Stun Gun"
  • Unlock new levels as you advance through the game. You can start a new game from any unlocked level, so you don't need to start from the beginning every time.
  • Saves high scores, best times for each level, unlocked levels, and one saved game

Tips and Tricks

  • Catching Prisoners: Just run into them. The prisoner will automatically be added to the end of your trail. Make sure you don't crash into an obstacle, or half the prisoners will be released and you'll have to catch them again. And, if you accidentally hit your trail, all the prisoners behind that point will be released.
  • Obstacles: When you run into an obstacle, you will be temporarily stunned and you'll lose a health bar. Also, your trail will be broken, and half the prisoners you just collected will be set free. If you lose all your health bars, you'll lose a life and the level will start over from the start
  • Jail: Once you collect all the escaped prisoners, the door to the jail will open. Move your trail over to the jail door and follow the blinking arrow inside. Once all the prisoners are in the jail, you'll complete the level and advance to the next one.
  • Speed Burst: You can get a short burst of speed by pressing the arrow key in the same direction you are traveling. For example, if you are moving to the right, and you press RIGHT, you'll be given a short speed burst. Be careful you don't crash by moving too fast!
  • Stopping: You can stop the trail by pressing the arrow key in the opposite direction you are traveling. For example, if you are moving to the right, and you press LEFT, you'll come to a stop. Press an arrow key to start moving again.
  • Cars: Didn't you learn to not to run out in the street without looking? The cars will try their best to not hit you, but you can't jump out in front of them and expect to be safe. You can always stop right before crossing the street by pressing in the opposite direction you are currently moving. For example, if you are moving down, and you press UP, your trail will stop. Then, you can wait for the cars to clear and make a run for it.
  • Saving/Resuming: While playing the game, you can save by pressing CLR/BACK to show the pause menu, then highlight "Save". You can save one game at a time. You can then continue playing by pressing CLR/BACK or by highlighting "Resume" and pressing SELECT/OK. You can restore the saved game by selecting "Start Game"from the Main Menu and then selecting "Saved Game"from the Start Menu. This will start the game from exactly where you saved it.
  • Level Unlock: When you complete a level for the first time, the next level will be unlocked for you to play. For example, when you first complete level 2, then level 3 will become unlocked and ready to play. Once a level is unlocked, you can also start the game from that level. Just highlight the "Select Unlocked Level" option in the Start Menu and press LEFT and RIGHT to scroll though the levels. If it says "Locked" and there is a picture of a lock, then you haven't unlocked the level yet.
  • Power-ups: Powerups can help or hurt you while you try to catch all the prisoners. To get a power-up, just run into it.
  • Freeze Gun: Each time you pick up a freeze gun, you will be given 5 stun shots. Press OK/SELECT to fire a stun shot. If it hits a prisoner, that prisoner will be stunned for a few seconds. Quickly pick them up and keep going!