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Your mission is simple: clear the blocks before they reach the skull. Conveyor belts move blocks along a path until they fall into an end stack. You must fire rockets to smash matching blocks before they pile up to the skull. Use lasers, explosives, skill to beat all 50 levels.


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  • Unique, challenging action game designed especially for cell phones.
  • Simple controls are easy to learn, but provide a long lasting challenge for hours.
  • 50 original levels, carefully designed so each level is more challenging than the last.
  • 10 power-ups, including ones that will change you into a crossbow, laser and grenade launcher!
  • Unlock new levels as you advance through the game. You can start a new game from any unlocked level, so you don't need to start from the beginning every time.
  • Saves high scores, best times, max combos, and minimum number of shots fired for each level, unlocked levels, and one saved game.

Tips and Tricks

  • The next block color is shown in the center of your vehicle. Press DOWN to swap with next block.
  • You can also hold DOWN to slow down rocket. Then release DOWN to place block on a lower belt.
  • Achieve combos by making consecutive matches! 5 combos wins a power-up!
  • Get a chain bonus by making more than one match in a single shot!
  • Pause: Press the CLR key to pause the game and access the pause menu.
  • Choose Your Level: You don't have to play each level in order, so jump around if you get stuck. As you beat levels, new groups and new levels will be unlocked. You can select a new group in the Select Group menu, or a new level in the Select Level menu, by pressing LEFT or RIGHT. You can also scroll by group in the Select Level menu by pressing UP or DOWN. If the selected level is locked, you won’t be able to play it yet.
  • Saving: The game will be saved whenever you exit the game. If there is a saved game, you’ll be able to select “Continue” from the main menu.
  • Stats: Play each level over again to get a better time, or to beat it in less shots. You can view how well you've done on all the levels in the Stats menu.
  • Options: To enter the Game Options menu, select it from the Main Menu (Some of these options are also available in the Pause Menu while playing the game).
  • Sound: You can turn on and off the sound from the Options Menu or the Pause Menu.
  • Tips: To help you learn how to play, there are pop-up tips that show up when you are playing the game. You can press an arrow key or OK to clear the tips. If you want to turn them off completely, you can do so in the Options Menu or the Pause Menu.
  • Reset: To lock all previously locked levels and reset all stats, you can select Reset Game from the Options Menu. This will erase all your player, level, and group statistics.
  • Language: You can change the game language to English or Spanish in the Options Menu.